Whether you’re looking to make informed decisions or take a thought leadership position, Fathom delivers intel based on digital marketing executive opinions and assessments.

Fathom is a 614 Group business unit that is dedicated to providing actionable B2B research, information, and content for the digital marketing and advertising industry.

We have two market research offerings, Snapshot, a monthly omnibus survey, and custom market research, which is designed specifically around your needs.  

Snapshot is our omnibus research product that provides ready access to a respondent panel made up of executives from across the advertising industry: brand advertisers, ad agencies, leading media publishers, and technology providers. 

Clients capture a Snapshot of the current market that informs decisions, supports the creation of thought leadership, the launch of new products and services, and facilitates tracking specific issues on a regular basis.  Snapshot gives clients the opportunity to tap into the pulse of an ever-changing market in cost and labor-efficient ways.

Custom Research 

With Fathom custom research, you get a full-service research department at your disposal.  And we can bring your research findings to life through custom content creation and event experiences. 

We design highly customized research to provide insights on a multitude of business issues.  Custom research approaches each client’s project holistically and works with each client to define objectives, select methodologies, develop analyses and report writing.  

Fathom custom research findings can be developed into content for a variety of uses, among them, thought leadership, executive briefings, strategy sessions, blogs, event presentations and workshops, client-specified IP, etc.

Some business issues our research can address:

  • Market awareness and perceptions of client brands and their competitive set  
  • Concept testing
  • Marketplace needs/wants
  • Go-to-market value propositions
  • Identification of likely best prospects
  • Satisfaction with products, services, and outcomes
  • Definition of growth drivers
  • Exploratory qualitative research


We Can Activate Your Research and Content Through Custom Events 

Our events capabilities can bring your content to life. The 614 Group creates virtual and in-person experiences for the digital marketing community and technology providers through customized event experiences, which can be held in three global regions — North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. These events showcase your content to our broad audience of publishers, advertisers, ad tech and agency leaders, and executives from across the globe.

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