Strategic Marketing And Events As A Service That Drive Results


A global technology leader, whose brand was on the lips of CMOs and agency leaders worldwide, needed marketing and events support during a critical inflection of the company's strategic initiatives, specifically while it was on the path  to being acquired.

One of the CMO’s core business objectives leading up to the acquisition was hosting a global events series that would reach advertisers in key US and European markets as well as keep the company at the forefront of critical industry conversation.

The series would be used to create momentum ahead of a large content and event execution at the 2018 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

The client’s internal marketing team was in a time of transition and their CMO had parallel strategic initiatives which were needed support. Without a plan late in Q4, he turned to The 614 Group to leverage our ecosystem of industry executives, our ability to craft cutting-edge content, and our expertise producing bespoke events of all sizes-globally.

Cannes Context + Cocktails entrance signage and stairs
Cannes Context + Cocktails Veuve Cliquot Venue
Cannes Context + Cocktails man speaking to woman seated in white chairs
Cannes Context + Cocktails Networking Crowd
Cannes Context + Cocktails Event women laughing
Cannes Context + Cocktails close up of crowd
Cannes Context + Cocktails Food Menu
Cannes Context + Cocktails cheeseboard
Cannes Context + Cocktails portrait of woman with red dress and purple hair
Cannes Context + Cocktails group shot of 3 men and 1 woman smiling
Cannes Context + Cocktails oracle data cloud and grapeshot cobranded pillow
Cannes Context + Cocktails crowd group shot
Cannes Context + Cocktails group portrait of 2 smiling men
Cannes Context + Cocktails group portrait of 3 smiling women
Cannes Context + Cocktails Venue - Majestic Barriere
Cannes Context + Cocktails group portrait of men at a table
Cannes Context + Cocktails Drink Menu
Cannes Context + Cocktails Dessert
Cannes Context + Cocktails entrance signage and stairs


The project focused on five key areas:

  1. Event program strategy development
  2. Content and messaging development
  3. Programming development: speaker recruitment, attendee relations and recruitment
  4. Venue selections
  5. Onsite event production

Over the course of nine months, The 614 team worked quickly to program, market, and produce a series of Context & Cocktail events in Los Angeles, New York City and London.

Each event had a distinct message that specifically addressed key brand advertising and agency executives in the region, drawing awareness of how this contextual relevance technology could enhance their capabilities.

The series concluded with a cocktail event and VIP dinner taking place at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The event brought together brand and agency executives from across the globe. Held at one of the most sought-after spaces on the Croisette, our team drew on years of experience at Cannes Lions to secure the perfect space at the most ideal time. This ensured that the cocktail event was accessible and visible to the who's-who of Cannes Lions attendees and stood out amongst the endless parties happening concurrently.

Cannes Mas Candille Dinner tablescape
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner balloon decor in lavender field
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner women shaking hands across table
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner close-up of place setting card
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner guests clinking classes for a "cheers"
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner greenery close-up
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner balloon decor in lavender field with table in foreground
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner portrait of speaker gesturing
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner long shot of guests at table at sunset
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner sun setting behind table and guests
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner conversations across the table with candles
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner candles glowing down the table
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner candles glowing during evening
Cannes Mas Candille Dinner oracle and grapeshot signage at entrance


The 614 Group drove results including:

  • Aligning the client’s internal marketing and communications team around a core message that coordinated with the pending acquisition messaging
  • Enabling the former CMO to focus on more strategic work within the company while the newly-hired CMO focused on selling the company
  • Producing a successful series of Context & Cocktail events that was attended by over 400 senior media and marketing leaders, generating awareness of the clients’ offering to key stakeholders in both the US and Europe
  • Producing a successful Context & Cocktail event at Cannes Lions, which was over-attended by 50%.
  • Producing a VIP dinner was attended by a select group of the client’s most important prospects, taking place at an exclusive Michelin star restaurant that served as the perfect backdrop for meaningful conversations between the senior-most leadership from agency holding companies and brand advertisers