Most publishers today are watching their mobile traffic soar, leading them to ask fundamental and strategic questions as to the best way to respond to a consumer base that is increasingly moving to mobile devices.

Our goal in writing this report is to help publishers understand how to best monetize their mobile content and maintain the brand experience in which they’ve invested. All publishers will need to partner with a technology vendor to do so, but the question is, which ones? And what are the criteria that should drive the decision-making process?

The 614 Group realized the best way to solve this complex problem was to break the mobile question into three manageable parts, which will help readers build a smart mobile strategy:

  • Chapter 1 focuses on infrastructure, ad serving, both in app and on the mobile web, as well as SDKs and their considerations and related issues from eight top mobile infrastructure vendors.
  • Chapter 2 focuses on mobile creative, and features interviews with leading technology partners.
  • Chapter 3 focuses on monetization partners.

Chapter 1 poses 10 questions to eight top technology companies:

  1. In today’s market, does the term “ad server” even apply to mobile? How does your company define mobile ad serving?
  2. How should publishers select a mobile monetization technology platform?
  3. Is the decision different if you’re an app-first or a content-first company?
  4. Tell us about some interesting use cases you’ve done to facilitate complex relationships between users and brands.
  5. How do you help demand sources properly identify the audiences in your clients’ supply? And help advertisers find interesting inventory?
  6. What cross-device targeting and tracking capabilities does your product offer?
  7. What capabilities does your company offer for mobile viewability?
  8. Tell us about mediation and your SDK, and the most important issues the publisher should consider. How does the SDK affect the advertising formats you want to show to your users?
  9. How do you help partners gain installations of their apps?
  10. What are the most common questions you hear from publishers?