As the consumer moves to the mobile web, advertisers have struggled to engage them effectively in the channel. For instance, mobile commerce is expected to reach $245 million by 2017, yet desktop still accounts for the lion’s share of digital ad spend.

But if there’s one thing that’s absolute in publishing, it’s the necessity of advertising to keep the servers humming and the editorial team creating content. And that, in turn, means that the digital advertising ecosystem has a huge incentive to innovate solutions for every obstacle.

Our goal in writing this report is to create mobile benchmarks for publishers to use so they can make more informed decisions when scaling mobile operations to meet the trends of mobile commerce. Publishers and the digital advertising ecosystem alike need to both understand their existing challenges surrounding mobile creatives, and more importantly the opportunities for advertisements in mobile.

  • What’s the state of innovation in the mobile advertising channel?
  • How can advertisers better measure engagement and effective innovation?
  • How can issues like accidental clicks and limited banner options be addressed by the digital advertising ecosystem?