Digital transformation has reached a tipping point in the advertising industry, and the relationship between brands and agencies has become more important than ever. We explore how they can navigate common challenges like the greater need for content and distribution channels, attribution difficulty, unclear organizational team structure, and a lack of transparency among partners.

Brands believe that long-term relationships are the most successful if both the agency and client understand the broader business goals and work together to achieve them.

In this report, the 614 Group Board gained insight into where there’s agreement and room for improvement in five key areas, which should serve as a starting point for a conversation to move the industry forward:

  • Working with multiple agencies in a mixed model
  • Executing project-based work while making sure various agency partners
    understand the big picture
  • Transparency in roles, expectations, KPIs
  • Realistic expectations around the challenge of attribution is a challenge due to the state of the industry.
  • Data sharing and control, while ensuring business outcome alignment