Through our consulting, events as a service, and advisory boards, we make sense of digital advertising infrastructure. Our combination of people, partnerships, and process create a robust system of value for a range of players in digital media.


The advertising infrastructure consultancy.

Modern advertising is in a state of constant evolution, requiring an ever more complex infrastructure to support it. At The 614 Group, we have a command of the systems and practices modern advertising executives need to thrive.

Our team is a collection of industry experts led by a pioneer in the ad tech space. Together, we provide a place for those in the advertising community to gather, share ideas and best practices.

We are a resource to everyone, not just engaged clients. From our industry events to our boards and online resources, we offer a multitude of ways in which anyone can better understand modern marketing and advertising.

Need a secret weapon for driving revenue
through online advertising?

Strategic Consulting

We help grow clients’ business by providing a deeper understanding of the organizations, processes and systems that impact revenue, and giving them the strategies to succeed.


Research + Events

Through our original content, live events and research we empower our core publisher market, as well as the industry-at-large with cutting edge education and resources.


AdTech Consulting

Data providers and new technologies are in constant flux. We help clients select and migrate new systems to work most efficiently toward their goals.




Marketer Advisory Board

The 614 Group developed the Marketer Advisory Board to advance marketers’ knowledge of the ever-changing digital media landscape. There are established industry groups that focus on publishers and platforms, but none that truly apply a brand lens to digital media.

The Marketer Advisory Board  is the only entity made of marketers working together to tackle emerging and crucial topics that range from brand safety to blockchain.

Our goal is to guide publishers and platforms to understand and support the role of brands in digital advertising.

Agency + AdTech Advisory Board

The Agency and Ad Tech Advisory Board was developed to advance both our firm’s knowledge and the industry on the latest solutions available to help marketers reach their audiences. The output of the board’s work benefits our clients and creates information for the industry at large.

Publisher Advisory Board

The Publisher Advisory Board was developed to serve as a place where publishing executives gather to share best practices around content monetization and revenue strategy. As the media landscape evolves, the board is a place for honest discussion that creates invaluable insights and deep connections.

Interested in joining one of our boards?