On March 5, 2020, The 4A’s in partnership with The 614 Group launched The Future of Programmatic and Automation Think Tank. The formation of the Think Tank and creation of its intellectual property mark the second stage of a large-scale 4A’s initiative that seeks to understand and influence the current and future state of programmatic and marketing automation.

Ultimately, the purpose of the initiative is to foster a better future for marketing automation. Marketing automation must have a foundation of respect for both consumers and practitioners. In the future, it should be easy to optimize the use of data and access interoperable technology in order to be smarter, work faster, and be efficient. Better technology, methodologies and tools will accelerate the process of identifying the right audiences for a campaign, delivering them and measuring the campaign’s return. Practitioners will have accurate (where precision is determined through generally accepted standards), real-time inputs and be able to further optimize campaigns or readily course correct. In the envisioned future, data and creativity will come together to make compelling, effective marketing campaigns at scale.