New Report from the 614 Group’s Marketer Advisory Board Sheds Light on Brand + Agency Alignment

New Report from the 614 Group’s Marketer Advisory Board Sheds Light on Brand + Agency Alignment

 The 614 Group, a leading digital media infrastructure consultancy, today published a manifesto entitled Brands and Agencies - The Fine Line Between Love and Hate, highlighting the current realities of alignment between brands and their agencies, as well as recommendations on best-practices for fostering strong and productive relationships between parties.

The report leverages expertise from an elite group of marketing executives including Nelson Catarino, Natan Cohen, Michael Constantine, Jackson Jeyanayagam, John Militello, Sean Miller, Joe Papa, Anna Papadopoulos, Rafael Sulit, and Ori Carmel.

Released at this year's Consumer & Brand Digital Safety Summit, hosted by The 614 Group, the manifesto features five main points where the board found consensus on how potential alignment can be achieved between brands and agencies.

The goal of the paper is to serve as a starting point for a larger conversation that can help the online advertising industry move forward.

The manifesto follows the ongoing push for greater transparency between advertisers and agencies, an industry focus over the last two years.

Speaking at the firm's annual Tri-Board dinner, Natan Cohen, Corporate Vice President, Agent Marketing Programs for New York Life Insurance Company said, "I really appreciated the focus the board had on tackling the issue holistically. These are actionable recommendations to solve both the process-oriented (left-brain) challenges as well as the behavioral (right brain) ones."

Rob Rasko, CEO & Founder of The 614 Group said, "Long-term partnerships and business relationships are the north star that all services organizations need to be pointing at. Our board noted that marketers believe that long-term relationships are critical as well. The disconnect seems to be around how to get there, and it's exciting to be a partner in helping to shape this conversation to create more common ground."